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A Commentary on Deuteronomy

Dr. Linthicum has completed work upon the book, A Commentary on Deuteronomy, which will be published as Volume 4 of the Polis Bible Commentary. When completed, the Polis Bible Commentary will be a 24-volume series that is focused upon integrating biblical exposition and a global missiological context with an urban ministry focus. Linthicum is the author of the biblical portion of the commentary on Deuteronomy, working with that scripture from a systems analysis perspective (i.e. how did the Hebrew people believe God intended their society to function). Derek and Lisa Engdahl, co-directors of Servant Partners International, are writing the urban and missiological perspective. Deuteronomy will be published by Urban Loft Publications in late 2016 or in 2017.

Lay People Are Ministers Too: The City-Changing Power of Called Churches

Part of the forthcoming urban ministry series, Urban Mission in the 21st Century, this book will examine the Reformation doctrine of the priesthood of all believers, applying it to lay Christians in the 20th and 21st centuries. In this book, Linthicum will examine the doctrine of vocation as taught in scripture within an urban context, a biblical theology of lay call and practice, practical steps by which lay people can discover and live into God's call to them, and three effective ways churches in the 20th century organized to enable its members to effectively practice their call in the world. The book will be laced with numerous stories of churches, mission organizations and people who have carried out God's call to them. This book will be published by Urban Loft Publications, likely in 2017.


Building Your Power: Discovering and Living Out God's Call on Your Life

The third of the books on a biblical understanding of power is built on the thesis that every human being has been created and called by God to address a particular pain of the world. Every human being has been created to serve God by serving humanity in a particular way - and our hearts will remain restless and our lives without focus until we discover and carry out that purpose for which God brought us to life! This book will explore ways Christians can discover and then act upon their vocation or "calling" in life. The third book of the "Power" triology will be published in 2013.

Table of Contents



  1. Why Do So Many Congregations Seem So Dull?
  2. The Key to Personal and Church Transformation: the Doctrine of Vocation
  3. Vocation and Work: Similar but Different
  4. People of Vocation: An Amazing March through the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures
  5. Profiles of Vocation: The Apostolic Crowd
  6. Principles of Vocation: Moses As Our Model
  7. Discover Your Deep Gladness
  8. Detect Your Call to the World's Deep Hunger
  9. Discern God's Extravagent Gifting of You
  10. No Solitary Religion: Vocation and Community
  11. Build Your Congregation for Power
  12. Living Out God's Plan and Changing the World

Sample Chapter:  Christians Of Power


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