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Four Papers For You (click on title to download)

"Relational Power: Bringing Morality Back Into Public Life."

This paper was prepared for and presented by Dr. Linthicum as the keynote address for an Alumni Symposium on the theme, "Morality in Public Lilfe" on Friday, May 7th, 2004 at Wheaton (IL) College, Dr. Linthicum's alma mater. It presents a biblical theology and practice of relational power as the necessary foundation for bringing morality back into public life.

"Why Some Churches Succeed and Others Don't."

This paper comes from a six-year study made by Dr. Linthicum for World Vision and P.I.U.T. to discover whether there are common principles of church renewal that are universally found in cultures around the world. Out of this study, plus his own experience as a pastor and mission strategist, Dr. Linthicum articulates principles that make churches succeed in profoundlly working for transformational (and gospel) change.

"Moses as Model for Living Out God's Call."

The story of Moses from son of Pharaoh to liberator of a nation and creator of the Jewish faith is one of the most dramatic stories in the Bible. But that story is also a model of how a person of faith can discover and begin to live out God's call to him or her. Every human being has been created to serve God by serving humanity - and the story of Moses teaches us how to discover that call.

"Christmas Stories that Build a People of Power."

Tired of the "same old same old" of Christmas? Well, the Christmas lectionary used by many churches to study both Old and New Testaments regarding Christ's birth enables us to see the intentions of the biblical writers to present Jesus as God's transforming agent in every aspect of human society - social, economic, political and spiritual



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