Urban Pastor, Community Organizer, former Director of World Vision International's Urban Advance, and President Emeritus of Partners In Urban Transformation.  
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The ministry of community organizing is the discipline of building and effectively using the power that people can have in each other; it is therefore democracy in action. It is built around the belief,

"Never do for others what they can do for themselves."

Organizing works with people's institutions - churches, parishes, community groups, clubs and fraternal organizations - to build the capacity, abilities and willingness of people to "take on" the power structures of their world that are not serving the poor but serving only their own ends, bringing these public and private agencies to the place where they cooperate with the organized wishes of the people.

The result of effective organizing is politics practiced more justly, wealth more equitably distributed and a deeper relationship of the people with each other and with God.



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A Justice Reading of the Lectionary Scriptures

This lectionary, written by Robert Linthicum, is a comprehensive exploration of over 900 biblical passages dealing with themes of justice and empowerment through biblical stories, poetry and essays.

In order to access the lectionary readings, click on "Lectionary" on the toolbar on the opposite side of this page. In order to access scripture listed by books of the Bible, click on "Scripture Index" below, then click on the appropriate book of the Bible and follow the prompt.


  1. An Introduction to a justice reading of the lectionary scripture

General Articles:

  1. What is a justice reading of the lectionary scripture?
  2. Why a justice interpretation of scripture?
  3. Why build a justice interpretation around "shalom"?
  4. Why the Christian Year?
  5. Truly strategic scripture avoided by the lectionary

Index of Scripture References:

  1. Scripture Index


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